Diamonfire jewellery has timeless elegance and captivating charm.

The new Fiorelli collection takes its inpsiration from the simplicity of scandinavian design and includes collections called, LOVE, STRENGTH & FREEDOM

All Diamonfire zirconia stones have 57 facets like a brilliant cut diamond
All Diamonfire stones are cut within the tolerances of a brilliant cut diamond and are specified in carats equivalent to genuine diamonds. An affordable and high quality alternative to real diamonds.

Premium 925 silver with high quality three layer plating
All Diamonfire jewellery is triple plated in palladium, platinum and rhodium. This surface finish ensures an almost life-long tarnish protection, maintaining the long lasting and irresistible sparkle of the jewellery for many years.

Exclusive silk packaging
Every item comes with a beautiful branded velvet lined silk box and gift bag.

Individual certificate
With every item and verifies the quality of the stones and all Diamonfire zirconia stones have the brand logo laser engraved.

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